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Live Workshop

How do you contribute to your work environment?

Identifying what you contribute to your work environment is essential in experiencing joy. It is not simply what you do that is important, but how you work and engage with other people. We’ll unpack how to move from a work environment of drama, rebellion, or resentment to a work environment of love, acceptance, and intention.
Saturday | 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM 

AHRK Encounter: This week's series

Discovering Abundance

Do you ever think that you don’t have enough or that the world is against you? This AHRK Encounter reveals another story, abundance is a mindset. This mindset leads one to gain a skillset, that reveals the path victory and surplus of love, joy & peace in every situation. Our guests will reveal how they developed and activated an Abundance Mindset and the difference it makes in their everyday lives.

AHRK Podcast

Featuring Bernard Bachoura & Casey Cox .

CirclesNow Courses

Learn more about the AHRKpath from Co Founder Casey Cox

Celebration Testimonies

  2 video Lessons with support material
  46-page interactive guide book
  Single card easel
  All 10 AHRK declaration cards
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