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Explore courses and master new skills along with top mentors in the business who share their knowledge and abilities worldwide.

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Communication & Client Relationship

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Highs & Lows of Business Management

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Positive Thinking in Professional Life

AHRK : A Lifestyle Path to Better Choices

Invest in your business and future by investing in your employees. Host a customized AHRK workshop and help your team excel.

This hope declares that all things are possible and that your next choice unveils your reality.

Bernard Bachoura

Bernard Bachoura

Author AHRK Path

Harness the Power of Teamwork

Invest in your team to see significant results!

  • The AHRK Corporate Training is the most impactful beginner program anywhere.
  • The special onsite AHRK Corporate Package offers training spread across 3 sessions.
  • Each session is 2-3 weeks apart. It allows attendees enough time to absorb the training content.

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  • Identifying areas to become your best self.
  • Getting professional help to overcome specific personality challenges.
  • Improving self-esteem and confidence levels for a positive outlook towards life.
  • Creating a good and lasting impression on others.
  • Enhancing the quality of personal and professional relationships
  • Enhancing productivity.
  • Achieving goals to reach success faster.

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Corporate Feedback

Adam Lockhart
Sofia Fiori Diamonds
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We are thankful to Bernard & his team for understanding our goals and driving our efforts in efficient manner.
Melanie Wong
Elba Jewelry
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I am thankful to AHRKpath team for boosting the growth in our business and community.
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