Who we are

Bernard Bachoura and Casey Cox desired to develop a simple process of growth where hope does not run out. The AHRK path began to take shape when they were on their journey of transformation. This program is an invitation to help you build your life in a way that points you towards success and abundance.

The AHRK Path

AHRK focuses on the power of choice. It is an ongoing process that leads to transformation and growth. Life is viewed through five different lenses: community, communication, lifestyle, mindset, and leadership. Through the intersection of these five lenses, we examine how we, as individuals, have the power to shape our experiences and change our lives. As we journey along this AHRK path and invite reflection into the five AHRK lenses we move closer to transformation. In pursuit of genuine transformation, we provide insights and encouragement that new and existing clients need to live with purpose and hope in any and every circumstance.

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Acknowledging what is and what isn’t, what is seen and unseen, what is desired versus what is reality.


Addressing and healing the wounds and pain points that trigger us to react with emotional outbursts instead of clarity.


Choosing to live with an abundant mindset daily and knowing that our purpose is unique to us. We are the only ones who can live it out and therefore have to choose to be restored to our full potential.


Demonstrating that our values, identity, and purpose are unshakable. We are firmly planted to impact our community through our leadership, communication, and lifestyle because our mindset is fixed on abundance and love.

AHRK seeks to provide the resources and tools that people need for transformation while also providing a supportive community to walk in this journey with them

Why choose AHRK?

We believe that the AHRK process of self-transformation is more effective than others because it goes beyond just bettering one area of our life. AHRK applies to every area, whether that is our work life, family life, school life, etc. Most programs don’t work because they look at life from one perspective. AHRK’s five different lenses come together to form a complete circle of knowledge, perspective, and understanding that ensures transformation. There is also a repetitious nature to the AHRK process that allows it to pave the way for continued growth and development. We, as people, are not designed to stagnate, and with AHRK, there is no arrival point. With the various ways to connect with our content, we hope to empower people to step into their own authority and continue the process of growth.

Connect With Us

We offer various ways to learn, grow, and stay connected with our community:


CirclesNow is designed to propel you forward no matter where your starting point is. Continue your pursuit of growth, development, and understanding by engaging in these different courses created by professionals and knowledgeable individuals in their fields.


Explore AHRK concepts relationally through genuine conversations

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Discover testimonials, truth, and transformation that comes with the AHRK experience

Live-streams and videos

Further growth and touch points with the material found on our site

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