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AHRKpath Podcast

Join Bernard Bachoura & Casey Cox each week as they discuss new
topics and share their unique journeys through life while on the

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Do you get lost in thinking about the past or the future? Do you desire to learn and grow? In this episode, Casey and Bernard unpack the process of moving from a discipleship to a mentorship role. Learn how to focus on your present reality and step into the role that will allow you to grow and mentor others.


Communication Transaction How often do you face challenges? When you are struggling, do you isolate yourself? In this episode, Casey and Bernard unpack the importance of communicating your struggles so that you can live a life of victory. Become more aware of how you engage with others and approach your struggles in a new way.


Do you live life trying to meet other people’s expectations? Do you desire to live authentically? In this episode, Casey and Bernard discuss the importance of reflecting on who you are, what you are doing, and how you are celebrating life. Learn to live more authentically, release the expectations of others, and embrace your transformation.


Community Choice Who do you surround yourself with? Do you know what community you are a part of? In this episode, Casey and Bernard reveal the power of choosing a support system to uplift you. Learn what true community is and how to connect with others.