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Does love elude you or confuse you? Do you allow obstacles to keep you from moving forward? In this episode, Casey and Bernard share the power source of love, which is within YOU! Experience the power of resilient love, let go of resentment, and focus on the solutions versus problems. Learn how to navigate difficult people and situations in a way that will have you living from love rather than fear.

Can you handle the truth?
Do you express your feelings and point of view honestly and openly?
In this episode, Casey and Bernard unveil the truth so that you can enjoy the freedom and authenticity of being you. Listen in as they uncover the pitfalls of repression, gossip, and sarcasm in their lives and how you can do it differently. You are the only one who can share your voice, share it honestly.

Do you fake it till you make it? Do you feel like you are not making an impact in this world?
In this episode, Casey and Bernard unveil the importance of having courageous compassion and developing an entrepreneurial spirit. Begin to step into the authority and power that is available to you. Learn how to think-it to believe-it, take action with compassion, and make a difference TODAY!

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Positive Negative

BED stands for Blame, Excuses & Denial. We have to get over these three things in life to grow.

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