AHRK path – Transparent Commitment

Transparency and commitment are crucial to creating a healthy and productive work environment. A transparent commitment is when an individual is open and honest about their feelings and intentions. It creates a sense of trust and allows for a productive working relationship. Transparency can make it easier to trust others and build meaningful relationships. And commitment holds the key in the workplace to attain productivity. 

Your actions have reactions! 

In life, we are constantly reacting to the actions of others. If someone cuts us off in traffic, we may honk our horn or give them the finger. If our boss yells at us, we may feel angry or defensive. These reactions are usually automatic and happen without much thought. 

However, reacting differently is possible- responding instead of reacting. When we respond, we take a moment to think about how we want to behave and then choose that behavior. It can be problematic in the heat of the moment, but with practice, it becomes easier. 

One way to develop a responding mindset is to commit to being transparent. It means being honest with ourselves and others about our feelings and thoughts. When we are transparent, we do not have to hide our reactions or pretend to be something we are not. 

Commitments are based on agreements, not promises or desires. 

When two people enter a committed relationship, whether it’s a personal or business relationship, they vow to each other to be faithful and supportive. It is done through agreements, not by making promises or desires. Promises can be broken, but agreements are based on actions taken and commitments made. For a relationship to be successful both parties must be transparent with their commitments. It means they need to be willing to take action on their agreements and not just rely on words. 

What is Transparent Commitment? 

Transparent commitment is a three-step process. First is a revelation, which leads you to a conviction. The second step is commitment, which leads to action. The third and final step is transparency, which allows you to share your conviction with others. Transparent Commitment has the power to change the world. People can work together to make a difference when they are transparent about their convictions. 

Achieving transparency in your commitment can benefit you. 

Achieving transparency can help to build trust, increase communication, and improve decision-making. You can create a shared understanding and alignment among team members by being clear and upfront about your goals. As with any goal, achieving transparency in your commitment will require effort and dedication. 

The AHRK Path courses are an excellent way to achieve transparent commitment with self-awareness, self-reflection, self-discipline, and self-control. The courses are available on the CirclesNow app, so check them out today!

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