We help you discover your true identity and purpose in this world through a unique lifestyle path to better choices!

Imagine thriving at work, with less stress, more success, and more JOYFULLNESS!

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We’ve helped numerous professionals and business owners find purpose in their work and experience fulfillment in their job.

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Casey Cox

I live loved and love life and I invite you to do the same. I share boldly, listen with curiosity, think deeply, and embrace all. I rise up above the line with each breath and invite you to do the same. Welcome to my world of abundance, celebration, and victory, check it out, and stick around as long as you desire!
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The Full Schedule

AHRKpath Workshops – streamed through AHRKpath.com Every Saturday From 8am PST 10am EST Engaging AHRKpath Worshop with Casey Cox

PART 1 : May 7

How do you contribute to your work environment?

Saturday / May 07th / 8am - 10am PST

Identifying what you contribute to your work environment is essential in experiencing joy. It is not simply what you do that is important, but how you work and engage with other people. We’ll unpack how to move from a work environment of drama, rebellion, or resentment to a work environment of love, acceptance, and intention.

PART 2 : May 14

Discovering yourself at work

Saturday / May 14th / 8am - 10am PST

As you increase your contribution at work, you will discover the power of your NOW moment. We’ll talk about how to accept your present circumstances without the fear of having “missed out” or being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Release the stress and anxiety of the future and celebrate how every moment is working in your favor and not against you!

PART 3 : May 21

Building your purpose at work

Saturday / May 21st / 8am - 10am PST

You are at the right place and the right time and now it is time to see if your vision aligns with your work. Life is more than making ends meet or making a living, it is being able to live confidently in who you are and your purpose. We will unpack your values, identity, and purpose (V.I.P.) and the passion inside of you that fuels your desire to work. Experience the power of choice and embrace the hope you have by creating your future.

PART 4 : May 28

Serving Success at Work

Saturday / May 28th / 8am - 10am PST

You are moving from filling a role to fulfilling your purpose and overcoming your emotions. Here we’ll unpack how to make your workplace a better place. Increase your connectedness and service to your coworkers and workplace to make work a more trusting, accepting, and forgiving place. Let go of negative patterns and embrace emotional freedom!
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All this included for $399 Now $97


Jose Vallejo

"I wish I learned about the AHRKpath years ago! AHRK Encounter was a great experience that allowed me to express myself authentically and engage in an environment that strives to help us improve!"

Alta Skinner

"It is always my pleasure to have a conversation with Casey Cox on or off camera. He continues to bring out the best version of you and empowers you to get out the message you want to share. Thank you Casey!"

Penny Jarrett

“Live life to the fullest! AHRK will help you to find that correlation and to be who you need and want to be. It surely did for me. Listen to what others have experienced and energize yourself to a bigger and better you. Celebrate each and every day like there is no tomorrow!”

Ryan Ottosen

"When you find yourself at a crossroads in life, or in leadership it is nice to know there is a place to go where you can find honest straightforward information to help you grow in areas you need. There are many paths you can go by, enjoy the AHRKpath!"

Payment details


All this included for $399 Now $97

“AHRK stands for acknowledge, heal, restore, kingdom, to help bring about awareness and transformation as we move through life”

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