Communication: What Draws Us Together or Tears Us Apart


In any personal or professional relationship, it is essential to know how to communicate effectively. Effective communication enables you to express yourself to others with conviction and clarity. Communication is key for maintaining relationships with others and making creating a cohesive unit within your workplace. Although not everyone will agree with your opinion or point … Read more

Humble Empathy

Humble Empathy

In a constantly moving world, it is easy to get lost in your thoughts and problems. You can become so wrapped up in your life that you forget to be present for the people around you! Humble empathy is about thinking less about ourselves and giving more presence to others. It is being interested in … Read more

AHRK path – Transparent Commitment

Commitment banner

Transparency and commitment are crucial to creating a healthy and productive work environment. A transparent commitment is when an individual is open and honest about their feelings and intentions. It creates a sense of trust and allows for a productive working relationship. Transparency can make it easier to trust others and build meaningful relationships. And … Read more

Understanding Effective Communication – The AHRK Path Way

Effective Communication

It is no secret that effective communication is essential in our personal and professional lives. But what does it mean to communicate effectively? And how can we do it more often? For starters, effective communication can be defined as sending and receiving messages that result in the intended meaning being understood by the receiver. It … Read more

The Importance of Communication in the Workplace

The Importance of Communication in the Workplace

Communication is an essential part of any workplace. It allows teams to work together and share information, and it helps to create a positive working environment. Communication skills can be learned and improved over time, so you need to develop them to succeed in your professional career.  Why is communication important in the workplace?  Communication … Read more

All of life is sales: no need to get dirty here!

Influence and Desire set the boundaries of our sales in life. Life is an exchange and transaction with others. The more you transact, the more opportunities you have to mature. Maturity guides you on the path to increase your influence and impact your desires. All of Life is a matter of Sales There is nothing … Read more

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