Communication: What Draws Us Together or Tears Us Apart


In any personal or professional relationship, it is essential to know how to communicate effectively. Effective communication enables you to express yourself to others with conviction and clarity. Communication is key for maintaining relationships with others and making creating a cohesive unit within your workplace. Although not everyone will agree with your opinion or point … Read more

Trustworthy Honor

Trustworthy honor

In a world where we are constantly inundated with choices, it can be challenging to decipher who or what is worthy of our trust. The term “honor” is often thrown around, but what does it really mean to be honorable? How can we tell if someone is genuinely honorable? Here we will explore the concept … Read more

Humble Empathy

Humble Empathy

In a constantly moving world, it is easy to get lost in your thoughts and problems. You can become so wrapped up in your life that you forget to be present for the people around you! Humble empathy is about thinking less about ourselves and giving more presence to others. It is being interested in … Read more

AHRK path – Transparent Commitment

Commitment banner

Transparency and commitment are crucial to creating a healthy and productive work environment. A transparent commitment is when an individual is open and honest about their feelings and intentions. It creates a sense of trust and allows for a productive working relationship. Transparency can make it easier to trust others and build meaningful relationships. And … Read more

The Power of Community in Creating Healthy Workplaces

A workplace is a place where employees come together to work. Employees need to have a positive community within the workplace to feel supported and productive. Employees who feel supported are more likely to be satisfied with their job leading to increased productivity.  A community can help to create a Healthy Workplace Culture.  Workplace culture … Read more

All of life is sales: no need to get dirty here!

Influence and Desire set the boundaries of our sales in life. Life is an exchange and transaction with others. The more you transact, the more opportunities you have to mature. Maturity guides you on the path to increase your influence and impact your desires. All of Life is a matter of Sales There is nothing … Read more

Communicating in a 4M AHRK model


As life transforms along the AHRK path, people will want to know what is happening. By using the 4M model of communication, others will be able to hear and understand. AHRK is a path of development. Communicating your development along the AHRK path is assisted by the 4M Model.  Below is the overview of this … Read more

What is the AHRKpath?

A brief overview and quick insights to the AHRK path process. AHRK is a pathway to life that is all too often considered impossible, inconceivable, or simply irrelevant. We see it differently: each and every person is invited to discover the abundant life which is found when at our core, love is our motivation and … Read more

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