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Resilient Love

Resilient Love

Love is a powerful emotion that can mean different things to different people. To some, love is a feeling of intense passion and obsession. To others, love is a feeling … Read more

Joyful Optimism

Joyful Optimism

Optimism is key to a happy and fulfilling life. Even when things are tough, focusing on the good can help you get through anything. Find peace and gratitude outside of … Read more

All of life is sales: no need to get dirty here!

Influence and Desire set the boundaries of our sales in life. Life is an exchange and transaction with others. The more you transact, the more opportunities you have to mature. … Read more

Communicating in a 4M AHRK model


As life transforms along the AHRK path, people will want to know what is happening. By using the 4M model of communication, others will be able to hear and understand. … Read more

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