Communicating in a 4M AHRK model

As life transforms along the AHRK path, people will want to know what is happening. By using the 4M model of communication, others will be able to hear and understand.

AHRK is a path of development. Communicating your development along the AHRK path is assisted by the 4M Model.  Below is the overview of this model.

Moment: Connection is Essential

First, connect with the person and possibilities in the present moment, building relationships rather than problem solving. Give a clear and distinct statement which proclaims your truth.

  • Moment Killers: Blame, Excuses & Denial.
  • Moment Builder: Acknowledge the Person & consider their point-of-view
  • Body Language: Listen with your Eyes
  • Make Connections: This moment provides you with the opportunity to build rapport and relationships focused on moving people forward together.

Message: Truth is Knowledge

Deliver your truth with powerful words and repeatable points so that others receive what’s important –your invitation to learn and advance.  Demonstrate with clarity why the message is valuable to all.

  • Message Killer: Doubt, Worry, & Anxiety
  • Message Builder: Heal the Transaction & share your point-of-view
  • Body Language: Lead with your ears
  • Share Truth: Deliver your message with powerful words and purposeful points which clear establish the value of your point of view.

Movement:  Testimony is Wisdom

Share personally and testify publicly to the results you have experienced, demonstrating ownership of your message and value in this moment.  Give real life tangible examples which inspire others to desire this result as they see the impact it has had on you.

  • Movement Killer: Fear, Shame, & Guilt
  • Movement Builder: Restore the Hope & secure your point
  • Body Language: Build with your mouth (be positive, inspiring & encouraging – it’s P.I.E.)
  • Demonstrate Wisdom: Reveal the movement that is possible when the message is applied with a conscious commitment to personal application.

Measure: Action is Understanding

Invite victory and participation in the on-going story of success by providing clear action steps by which they can reproduce. Capture the NOW moment and move it to ACTION!

  • Measure Killer: Apathy, Ignorance, Judgement
  • Message Builder: Celebration is shared in community to establish Kingdom movements
  • Body Language: Bless with your hands
  • Take Action: Provide detailed next steps which can be measured and engaged in order to achieve success and celebrate in community.

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