AHRK Coaching by Casey Cox

Individual coaching in small groups is one of the most effective ways to grow and develop new life skills. Casey Cox has been successfully coaching people on life for over 2 decades. The AHRK content is a universal model on how to repeatedly adapt to the everchanging world around us while healing from toxic environments and experiences. Act now to begin on a new path of success. 

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Founder AHRK | Life Coach & Speaker

Casey Cox is a community builder and dynamic leader. Casey has been coaching people in all aspects of life: physically, spiritually, mentally and relationally for decades. Casey is no stranger to entrepreneurship and what it takes to build a thriving business and a thriving life. Be prepared to learn, grow, and live your best life NOW!
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Topics Casey Navigates With You



The driving force behind achieving success, matched with the Discipline to keep it!



The ability to see and understand the world around us. Thus, we navigate change by choice.



The expression of your values, such that it demonstrates the heart of who you are through the actions you take



The art and ability to inspire and motivate others to work towards a preferred future.



The process of making small positive changes to become the best version of yourself.



The conscious choice to be present in the moment with one’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors.



The memory of success and the decision to trust your skillset and mindset to deliver the results you promise.


Habit Formation

The commitment to develop life skills as a lifestyle that serves you and leads you to improve

Who Is This Perfect For:

Group Coaching

Getting Started With Group Coaching

In only 30 minutes a week you will step into a better version of yourself. The first two weeks are free, and you will be coming back knowing that you have increased your self-worth & celebrated your value in such a way that you can’t imagine going through life without the AHRK path ever again

On the AHRK path - every answer is either YES or NO!

Please check all boxes where your answer is YES!

Inspiring Success Stories


Are you seeking an engaging and collaborative approach to elevate your organization's teamwork and productivity? Consider joining our group coaching cohort! Here are some commonly asked questions about our group coaching program to help you get started.

Congratulations on taking the next step to change your life! You’ll receive an email confirmation of your payment and a welcome email from one of our co-founders, Casey Cox. 

You’ll choose which cohort time you’d like to attend and show up that day excited & with your camera on 🥳

Absolutely! Just fill out the registration form to get a 14 day free trial and see if AHRK group coaching is for you. Reach out to our team at support@ahrkpath.com or (909) 639-6882 with any questions. 

Our mentorship group empowers leaders like you (and yes you are a leader!) to make better choices, increase confidence and conviction, and use your talents to make more money and experience more joy. Join us on this journey of self-development and learn to say no to unhealthy habits, say yes to healthier ones, and be present to celebrate each moment. Let’s embark on this journey together, and let AHRK help you achieve your goals!

Group Coaching workshops typically involve activities that encourage communication and collaboration. These activities may include icebreakers, team games, group discussions, and problem-solving exercises. The aim is to get people to interact and learn more about their strengths and weaknesses within a team.  

AHRK Coaching

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