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The AHRK Path system is a state of the art educational process that combines podcasts, seminars and courses to provide the growth that you are looking for.
Journey with real people
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The AHRK program was designed to transform family and work communities.

Words from co-authors

Bernard Bachoura

Entrepreneur & Author

AHRK path founder Bernard Bachoura
AHRK path Author Casey Cox

Casey Cox

Life Coach & Author

An AHRK Path Subscription gives you access to learn and discover the most current topics that are impacting our lives today. With the abundance of information surrounding us, AHRK clears a Path through the noise to provide the insight we need to live a Kingdom life.

Celebration Stories of Our Community

Robin Brock
Robin Brock
Miss. Kansas
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My experience with the AHRK Encounter was incredibly gratifying. I am always humbled when God uses my story to illustrate how beauty comes from pain; how hope springs from hopelessness. Thank you to Bernard, Casey and the entire AHRK team for allowing me to share what I have learned with your viewers!
Ryan Ottoson
Ryan Ottoson
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When you find yourself at a crossroads in life, or in leadership it is nice to know there is a place to go where you can find honest straightforward information to help you grow in areas you need. There are many paths you can go by, enjoy the AHRKpath!

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AHRK Encounter - AHRK Encounters engage real topics with real VIP guests that live a victorious life. Be the hero as you are mentored with each Encounter through the AHRK process of Acknowledge, Heal, Restore and Kingdom.

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AHRK Podcasts - Casey and Bernard begin your AHRK journey into various life topics. These fun and insightful podcasts will open up your curiosity as to why this topic is relevant.

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CirclesNow Courses - The AHRK courses are a collection of topic specific short lessons. Each AHRK author is celebrated as a leader in their field as they help reveal the importance of healthy choices through the key lenses of lifestyle, leadership, communication, mindset, and community.

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AHRK Article - Each topic requires some R & D to ensure that it is relatable to people in their day to day lives. You will see articles on various topics for you to meditate on.

Subscribe to the full AHRK Experience for an inclusive, low monthly fee of just $24.99

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At the core of any movement is identity. We need to keep discovering ourselves and growing, as we better understand who we are and what we are designed to do.

When we are anchored in identity and understand our value it is easy to live our kingdom purpose. There is nothing boring about living into our purpose as we come alive on the AHRK path through making better choices.

Join the AHRK path community through subscribing. You will be encouraged to live a better lifestyle through making better choices.

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