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AHRK Encounter

Join Bernard Bachoura & Casey Cox as they offer fresh perspectives on life’s challenging questions. Each week they explore a new topic through five different lenses: leadership, community, mindset, communication, & lifestyle.

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In Today's Episode

Ep. 4: The Flow of Good to Good

In today’s featured episode,
Casey invites our guest, Chris Suchánek a “serial” entrepreneur and a leader in every sense of the way; business, home, and community about the elusiveness of abundance. Chris is the CEO of Firm Media, Co-Founder, and leader of 501c3 Project Boon, and joins his wife as a Restaurant Co-Owner/Operator. Listen in as Chris shares a common mistake that makes abundance elusive and difficult to grasp. Join us to learn why good to good is the greatest way to live and how to shift how you view to ensure this success.

This week’s series

Discovering Abundance

Do you ever think that you don’t have enough or that the world is against you? This AHRK Encounter reveals another story, abundance is a mindset. This mindset leads one to gain a skillset, that reveals the path victory and surplus of love, joy & peace in every situation. Our guests will reveal how they developed and activated an Abundance Mindset and the difference it makes in their everyday lives.