What is AHRK TV Online Event?

Join us every Thursday at 4:00pm PST for Facebook LIVE
interactive coaching with Casey Cox and Bernard Bachoura! In
this LIVE event, Casey and Bernard will facilitate discussions on
what it looks like to live with purpose and hope each day.

On AHRK TV you have an opportunity to win a FREE giveaway, ask
questions, and discuss relevant topics. This event is meant to be
a time to invest in yourself and to introduce you to the AHRK

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Meet our first corporate trainers & speakers.

AHRK path Author Casey Cox

Casey Cox

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AHRK path founder Bernard Bachoura

Bernard Bachoura

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On the AHRK path we believe that everyone has a unique VIP (values, identity, and purpose)! We provide personalized AHRK path trainings to help you experience victory and achieve success in your personal and professional life.

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Weekly Topic : AHRK TV: Forgiving Relationship


We will focus our conversations through 5 lenses:

What Will You Get From this Training??

Effective Communication

Learn how to express yourself effectively and build stronger relationships. Also, learn how to deal with difficult conversations and improve your listening skills.

Enhanced Efficiency

Increase your efficiency in the workplace and learn how to be more productive. Get tips and resources that help you to be more organized.

Business Development

Experts tell you about assessment and how to develop a business development plan. Learn how to identify and assess and create a strategy for mitigating those risks.

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