Resourceful Discernment

In a constantly changing world full of choices, it can be challenging to know what to do or where to turn. But if we learn to be resourceful and discerning, we can move through life with conviction and confidence, offering hope to others along the way. 

Resourceful Discernment is the key to making good choices. 

Often, we react to what we see without considering the unseen reality. It can lead to poor choices. To make good choices, we must first seek to understand. We need to listen to both the seen and unapparent realities before reacting. Only then can we make a resourceful choice that takes everything into account. 

Where does Resourcefulness come from?  

When it comes to living a resourceful life, it all starts with the stewardship of time, energy, and money. By being mindful of how we spend these precious resources, we can begin to make more wise choices that lead to a more resourceful life. 

  • Time is our most precious resource, yet it is often the one we squander the most. If we want to be more resourceful with our time, we must start valuing it more. 
  • Energy is a critical resource that often goes under-utilized. We can be more resourceful with our energy by using it wisely. 
  • Money is one of those resources we are known to be good stewards at. But what does it mean to be resourceful with our money? Regarding money, being resourceful means using our discretion and discernment to make the best choices with what we have. It involves looking at our finances and making wise decisions about how to use our money. 

Resourceful Discernment maximizes outcomes without waste and foolishness. 

True greatness doesn’t come from taking the easy way out. It comes from working hard and making tough decisions that sometimes mean saying no to things we want. 

Resourceful Discernment is a quality that all great leaders have. They know how to prioritize and what to focus on to produce the best outcomes without wasting time or resources on foolish pursuits. 

Do you want to achieve greatness in your life? 

Start by developing resourceful discernment. It is a skill that will serve you well in all areas of your life, from your career to your relationships. Resourceful Discernment will enable you to recognize opportunities, become more efficient, and make better decisions.  

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