What is the AHRKpath?

A brief overview and quick insights to the AHRK path process.

AHRK is a pathway to life that is all too often considered impossible, inconceivable, or simply irrelevant. We see it differently: each and every person is invited to discover the abundant life which is found when at our core, love is our motivation and driving force.  This may sound “soft or spiritual” when in fact it is challenging, hardcore, and deals with the reality of everyday life in practical ways.

AHRK is an acronym for Acknowledge.Heal.Restore.Kingdom  – this process invites the participant on a journey to discover their greatest purpose and contribution in this world. It brings an integrated lens to all things. Everything, Every choice, Every experience, Every memory, Every dream, Everyone is included in this process.

The AHRK process has 3 core elements:

  • The Paradigm Shift of getting “out of the box” and living above the line. Engaging training without this shift places the focus on the information, but the information does not lead to transformation.  If it did, we could simply google ourselves to transformation.
  • The Practice of Holistic Engagement of Heart, Mind & Body. This is a healthy lifestyle as opposed to behavior modification. The power of values lies at the foundation of this process for both the company and the community. This moment-by-moment choice to engage holistic transactions yields a movement of life marked by victory and celebration.
  • The Playful, Personal, and Purposeful aspects of life break down the walls which keep people from being authentically present and willing to engage others with vulnerability and intimacy. AHRK is a journey that each person can take at their own pace, yet it is a journey that can not be taken alone. The human design is based on relationships, and at the core of relationships is the ability and process of communication.

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